Hacksaw Blades | Types For Different Applications

Hacksaw blades are fine tooth blades tightly framed in hacksaw in a way to make cutting materials like wood, and other metals an effortlessness job. Hacksaw blades used for small jobs are usually in the form of hand-held hacksaw, which is structured with a metal arch usually with pistol grip handle, with screw tight ends for attaching hacksaw blades and also to tightened them according to the need as more tensed the blades are, more efficiently they perform; the hacksaw blade is mounted with the teeth facing inwards or outwards depending on how one wish to use it. Based on the direction the hacksaw blades are framed, the teeth can be played in a push or a pull form.

Hacksaw blades are available in standardized lengths, most common length of a blade for a standard hand hacksaw ranges from 8 - 12 inches. Whereas a small/junior hacksaw blades are half of its length. Powered hacksaws used commercially may use large blades in a range of sizes, whereas a small machine may use the same hand-held hacksaw blades. The toughness and thickness of the material needed to be cut is taken into consideration, selecting hacksaw blades. These hacksaw blades are usually made of bi-metal to gain the advantages of using it in different forms, without risk of breakage.

The hacksaw blades are detachable and hence can be replaced when they lose shape and sharpness, they are available universally at an affordable prices, which makes them part of a common man’s tool box for home use.

Next in line, in the blades family are hole saw blades and circular saw blades; which are almost as common as the hacksaw blades. Hole-saw blades fasten with a standard drill in a hole-saw. Hole saw blades makes a job of crafting a hole in a solid material such as wood, plastic, steel etc. As easy as opening a cock of a bottle. It’s a quick and smooth way to make a hole few inches in a diameter within a material.

Circular saw blades are in the form of metal discs with an edge of saw teeth. Circular saw blades are used for cutting wood or other materials and are commonly found in both hand-held and table-mounted forms. Circular saw blades unlike hacksaw and hole-saw are exclusively electronic, the material to be cut is typically positioned across it, and the circular saw blades are advanced against it. In variant to the hand-held one, such as the table-circular saw blades, the saw is fixed and the material that needs to be cut is slowly moved towards the circular saw blades. As each tooth in the circular blade strikes the material, it creates a small chip. And then the teeth slowly guide the chip out of the work piece.

Both hole saw blades and circular saw blades like hacksaw blades comes in different sizes to cut different materials, and are owned by a common man in today’s world. These sharp blades equipped tools, makes an amateur worker perform a decent job.

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